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Introducing ALPHABYTE™

ALPHABYTE™ is a patent-pending digital solution that provides real-time crown sizing/selection information and tooth preparation guidance to ensure a fast, predictable treatment process.

For the first time ever, zirconia alternatives can now be accomplished as quickly and easily as traditional stainless steel crowns.

Dental Scan.png

Initial Scan

The initial scan is typically accomplished pre-operatively, however can be done at any point in the procedure. In under 10 seconds of scanning the treatment area, enough data is acquired to begin the prefabricated crown planning process

Scan Analysis

The scan data is loaded instantaneously and imported into Alphabyte automatically for immediate visualization and AI-driven procedure planning.

Crown Selection

Once a procedure plan is approved, the pre-selected crown size can be selected from the local prefabricated crown inventory and set aside for insertion.

Tooth Preparation

Initial tooth preparation is now more efficient AND conservative given the on-screen reduction mapping based on the fit requirements of the pre-selected crown.

Reduction Check Scan

 To ensure optimal crown seating and/or to identify areas of potential misfit, a 3-second tooth preparation scan immediately analyzes the tooth reduction based on the pre-identified crown fit requirements and highlights areas of under-reduction that can prevent optimal crown placement.

Meet The Team

The only Certified Dental Laboratory (CDL) manufacturing preformed pediatric and permanent crowns for the entire dentition.

Alphabyte is a patent-pending digital solution that provides real-time crown selection info and preparation guidance.

A compact & ergonomic scanner, linked with full system openness, has been designed to take your practice into the digital world.

Alphabyte Workflow

Step One

Select Target Tooth

Select the target tooth for restoration.  The Alphabyte software will use this selection and the 3D data to determine candidates for the best fit crown.

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  • How long does it take to scan?
    The initial scan can usually be completed in under 10 seconds and immediately loaded into Alphabyte™ for treatment analysis Each subsequent preparation check scan can be completed in about 3 seconds.
  • Can I use the scanner for other treatments?
    Yes, the Heron IOS is a general purpose intraoral scanner. In addition to it's functionality with Alphabyte™, it can be used it to scan for regular crowns/bridges, partials, aligners, mouthguards, etc. just as you would with any other scanner.
  • Is it difficult to scan children?
    The Heron IOS device by 3DISC is a very small, lightweight, fast scanning device, and considering that Alphabyte™ only requires small-area scans (i.e. 3-4 teeth in a row) without concern for perfect retraction and/or moisture control,the initial scanning is quick and easy for patients and providers.
  • Does Alphabyte™ do more than single crowns?
    For now. However, there are already features in development that will expand the functionality of Alphabyte™ beyond the single crown application into adjacent crowns, opposing crowns, anterior sextants and even full mouth treatment for both pediatric and adult patients. Stay tuned!
  • Is the software difficult to use?
    The Alphabyte™ software is very easy to use. In just a few seconds, 90% of the setup is completed for you automatically by AI. The provider simply optimizes the crown size and position, then validates the tooth reduction parameters. All tooth preparation refinement scan data loads automatically and immediately.
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