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The next generation in digital impressions

Rhino Overview



Digital Dentistry.  Simply Better.

Seikowave Health Solutions (SHS) develops advanced metrology technology for healthcare applications.  Our proprietary technology and intellectual property is used in customer branded solutions around the globe.  Our patented high-speed 3D imaging architecture, acquisition modules and analysis algorithms offer the best performance for a variety of applications.

Small tip

Designed for easy maneuverability for all procedures.  Easy to sterilize.  Reuse up to fifty times.

Automatic Scanning

Advanced algorithms automatically start when you a ready.

High Accuracy

Advanced 3D reconstruction combined with superior registration ensures accurate digital impressions every time

True Color

The FORM IOS sees color the way you see color.  Independent red, green, and blue LED illumination meet the demanding standards for high definition color.

Advanced Structured Light 

Patented multi-frequency structured light.  Generates up to 10,000,000 points per second.

Use all day, every day.  The lightweight, balanced design ensures you will never grow tired of scanning.

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In partnership with Qisda Corporation, SHS has developed a high-performance, low-cost intraoral 3D imaging solution for acquiring digital impressions.  The patented technology behind our scanner enables easy digital acquisition of the data needed to drive a digital dental workflow process.  The low-cost design ensures that any dental professional anywhere in the world can afford our solution.

Our high-performance software combined with our patented pattern projection technology enables 3D reconstruction at rates of up to 40 point clouds per second.  This speed, combined with our image alignment and re-localization, results in full arch data acquisition at speeds similar to technologies that cost five to ten times more.


SHS has expanded our technology from intraoral 3D imaging to face scanning.  Our face scanning solutions enable an integrated approach that combines intraoral 3D data with 3D face models for better treatment planning and delivery of care.


SHS has developed patent-pending implant registration technology to accurately position implant locations in situ.  This is vital for restorative approaches that require the installation of a dental appliance on multiple implants.  For example, full arch rehabilitation using an All-on-4 approach requires understanding the placement and orientation of each implant with errors on the order of 10 micrometers or less.  Our patent-pending technology achieves this performance at a fraction of the cost of conventional solutions.


Contact Seikowave Health Solutions to learn more about how to incorporate our advanced, patented, 3D imaging and analysis technology into your digital dental offerings.

Lower Arch
Upper Arch
Complete Digital Impression
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